About Albert – Why I’m Running

About Albert

  • Involved in the community
  • Married with three children
  • Businessman, Lawyer, Farmer
  • Founded and operate a successful chain of 17 hearing clinics across Ontario, Hear Right Canada
  • Candidate for the Progressive Conservatives in 2014

Why I am running – What I will fight for

  • Bringing good paying jobs to Ontario
  • Reducing hydro costs
  • Reducing the cost of living
  • De-amalgamation
  • Making our lives and our children’s lives better

High hydro rates and mismanagement is driving up the cost of living, forcing seniors on fixed incomes out of their homes. Forcing low income families to chose between eating and keeping the lights on.  And driving jobs out of Ontario.

We can do better. We must do better.

I have been very fortunate in life.  I met and later married a kind, smart and hardworking woman. Together Justyna and I have raised three wonderful children.

8 years ago, I started a chain of hearing clinics called Hear Right Canada. The simple idea was to provide high-quality care to customers at prices that are fair. Dedication, honesty and hard work – values I learned from my parents – have paid off and today I am fortunate enough to have 17 clinics across southern Ontario.

This success, however, doesn’t mean I have not seen hard times. Some years ago my wife and I found ourselves with mounting bills, no income and three children to look after. I learned that a good paying job is more than just a source of income – it’s a source dignity.

Over the past several years we have watched as Kathleen Wynne has destroyed our economy and sold our collective dignity so she and her Liberal friends could stay in power. In the wake of scandals, mounting hydro bills and Liberal cash-for-access “fundraiser” schemes, each of us has seen what the naked ambition of Liberals has done to our communities, economy and families.   

I want a government that works. I want a government that is there when we need it.  And, I want a government that supports businesses to create good paying jobs – jobs that give dignity, meaning and support to families across this province. We can and must demand nothing less.

Together we can do great things.


  • 51 years of age, married 28 years to Justyna, 3 children, aged 19 (Justin), 22 (Matthew), & 24 (Alexandra).

Community work

  • 10 years as member, and later chair, of the local hydro board. While Chair the board was able to reduce rates for the first time in its history.
  • Founding chair of the local community improvement foundation, CIF.
  • Creation of the community Rail Trail.
  • As a young lawyer, I helped Dr. Bob Kemp with free legal advice and encouragement to realize his dream, the “Dr. Bob Kemp Hospice” 

Work experience

  • Lawyer, (10+ years). Albert’s firm was at 6 Lake Ave South in Stoney Creek (then called Coombs & Marshall)
  • Business, (18+ years). Albert’s experience in business spans Canada, the USA, Europe and China.
  • Founded a chain of 17 hearing clinics called Hear Right Canada.


  • Commerce at the University of Windsor & McMaster University
  • Studied law at the University of British Columbia & the University of Ottawa
  • MBA at the University of Toronto
  • Additional studies at Mohawk College, San Paulo business school (Brazil), St Gallen’s University (Switzerland) and Shanghai University (China)


  • Private Pilot, Marathon runner, Farmer